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illustrator / motion graphics designer
Mutsumi Kawazoe

(She/her) Mutsumi Kawazoe is a Japanese illustrator,motion graphics designer based in Tokyo, Japan. 

She studied graphic design at the Toyo Institute of Art and Design and became a freelance illustrator in 2006.
She spent her childhood daydreaming. For example, She was obsessed with primeval deep-sea creatures! She currently creates illustrations, relying heavily on her imagination for ideas. Since 2020, She has also been working in the field of animation, expanding the scope of her output.

She is particularly good at two-dimensional representation, and her works are characterized by low-key color schemes and a soft, gentle touch. She draw extensively in my free time—just her and her cats, drawing things that are on her mind or happening in her life, and trying her hand at illustrating some of the latest stories in the news.

The work she does for clients in Japan covers a wide range of media, with illustrations for advertising, brand image, editorial design, and more. She gets requests for her work from all around the world. A lot of them are for renditions of actual things around us, such as in nature or everyday life. Her mother tongue is Japanese. Doing work for and dealing with overseas clients requires English, but interpreting services are always there if needed.

She adore cats and live with three of them. One especially important project in her life is a charity she operate, producing and selling goods for the protection of cats. In her spare time, She visit art museums. She very much enjoys looking at artworks and thinking about them, especially in the context of when they were created.

If you need illustrations or motion graphics , Please feel free to contact me.
I’m available for new projects!