If you need illustrations or motion graphics , Please feel free to contact me.
I’m available for new projects!

    ■From inquiry to creation

    1.When inquiring about work, please include the following information
    ・Company name
    ・The type of media the illustration is for
    ・Purpose and period of use
    ・The likelihood of it being put to secondary use
    ・Size, number of pieces, colors (e.g., color, monochrome, two colors, etc.)

    2.I will reply by email
    My mother tongue is Japanese. Doing work for and dealing with overseas clients requires English, but interpreting services are always there if needed.

    (For small-sized illustrations, communication may be by email only.)
    I am available for online discussion sessions, using Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc., or by telephone.

    While it depends on the job, my general workflow is as follows:

    Sketches to convey an outline or idea.(However, this step may be skipped when a specific theme and schedule have already been decided on.)

    b)Rough copy
    Creating a draft.This can be in color if you wish.


    I stay attuned to your feedback throughout the whole process and undertake amendments, too.